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This is a community-driven platform to share your experience with water filters. Whether it is domestic water filters, industrial water filters. Water pitchers, jugs or under the sink. All content is generated by the community, which keeps it objective and unbiased (read: not influenced by advertising money).

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Now a quick intro to the evaluation of water filters.

The generally accepted method to evaluate water filters is very simple:

  1. A sample of water is contaminated with the type of elements that want to be tested. For example chlorine, lead, etc.
  2. The levels of such contaminants are measured.
  3. It is then passed through the water filter and measured again. The difference between the before and after levels are what you see in the reports such as "filters 99% of pesticides".

However, this method requires precision equipment and a very skilled lab technician. If you can perform this kind of experiments and submit them, we will be very grateful. But in reality, WaterFilters.com.au is more about the end-user experience. We strive to help you find opinions that will complement the lab tests with more mundane answers such as:

  • Is this water filter good value for money?
  • Is it good quality build?
  • Is it practical and efficient?
  • Does the water taste well?


So feel free to submit your reviews, even if they are not perfectly scientific. The community benefits from all entries and we all surely want the best water filter we can get, that is for sure!

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